Green River Community College is located in Auburn

Green River Community College is located in Auburn, Washington, near Seattle, USA. With an area of ​​140 acres with lots of trees, lush year round, this is a great learning environment for students. Up to now, the school attracts more than 10,000 students, including more than 1,500 students from more than 60 countries around the world, ranging from chapters to multinational culture will help you to develop. comprehensive development.

Why choose Green River?

Low cost, high quality training program, small class sizes.

There are opportunities to transfer to excellent universities in the US. International students studying in the United States Green River Community College in Washington State will be accepted by famous universities in the US such as University of Washington, Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Indiana University, Purdue, University of Michigan, Ohio State, Seattle University and many others.

Modern facilities, dormitories right at the school. In addition, students can live on campus in Campus Corner Apartments as a college student at a college, and you will meet and make friends with students from around the world. With fully furnished apartments, with separate bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room, high speed internet, fully use the school's facilities such as parking, library, vow center sport ...

The faculty is dedicated, enthusiastic with the profession, the staff is extremely friendly. The staff of the school's faculty are determined to achieve quality education and to help students be ready to transfer. Students study easily, are deeply cared for and are well prepared for advanced study programs at four-year undergraduate programs. The nominee for International Student Advisor will guide each of you, step by step planning your study and transfer program to help you achieve your goals, such as the major, the university you want. transition and study plan for two years.

Study program

Green River offers a two-year college degree, Intensive English, University Transfer, Practical Experience, and High School completion at the same time as completing a Diploma. A lot of students choose. In addition, the school also has a program of 3, 6, or 9 months, designed to help students have many opportunities to explore and develop their ability to study in the United States.

Short-term training certificates may be issued individually or in some cases added to a university transfer program. This program includes the following subjects: Information Technology, Aviation, Broadcasting, International Business, Communications Communications and many others. After completing the program (minimum 9 months), students have the opportunity to apply for a job and work in the US for a maximum period of up to 1 year in the passport of F-1 students. This opportunity is called an opportunity of practical training.

High School Completion Program at the same time as a College Diploma: in just two years you can receive two high school diplomas from a Washington public school at the same time and transferable credits go to college but with just one tuition payment in the same period of time. So you will go to college before completing high school and graduate from university at least a year earlier than other high school students.

>>> Depending on level assessment and placement, students may need to apply for additional and non-transferable classes. Students may also need to take a non-transferable class to meet the Graduation Project requirements.

In addition to the academic programs, the University encourages you to participate in activities at the school and the school also gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest through hiking, skiing. snow, skateboarding, as well as visiting museums, theaters and attending music festivals. During the holiday, the school often organizes trips to famous places like Hawaii and the Whistler ski resort in Vancouver, Canada ...

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