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If you're looking for a school that doesn't have too many international students, a unique "American high school" environment? Saint Anthony's High School is a good choice to consider in your upcoming overseas study.


• Founded in 1933 in South Huntington, Saint Anthony’s High School (SAH) is about an hour by train from New York City, about 45 minutes from JFK airport by car. With its suburban location, the school has enough good facilities for students to develop comprehensively academically and physically.

• The school attracts students by its excellent training quality and outstanding performance. Moreover, the school always helps students discover their own values, by giving you more responsibility every day. At the same time, the school encourages and supports you to be able to complete your studies and other activities in the best way. This has always been a great source of inspiration for Saint Anthony's students when they study at school, as well as after graduation.

• The school has trained thousands of students around the world, with quality training programs, from high school to pre-university programs, to transfer to a university in the US.

• Graduating from high school in St. Anthony, students will realize their value, get the recognition from society. The school provides a complete pathway to help students achieve the highest value diploma.

Saint Anthony's High School Boarding School NEW YORK


• 99% of students graduating in 2016 will be admitted to Colleges and Universities
• 81% of graduated students apply for admission to the top 100 colleges and universities in the United States.
• The school has 2,400 students, 12% are international students.
• 1743 - Average SAT of international students
• 21 AP classes; 53 Honors classes; 16 classes of Long Island University teach
• New sport program ranked 01 state in New York.
• 1 semifinal prize in the Olympiad of Physics throughout the United States
• 71 clubs and teams
• 77 million worth of University scholarships for students
• 550 students in the school's choir group - the largest in the United States


Students who finish 8th grade in Vietnam can apply directly to Saint Anthony’s, with the following conditions:

• Academic performance requirements: 7.0 average or higher; 7.5 for science subjects
• English language requirements: IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL iBT 79.
• Interview requirements: Skype interviews with all students to test speaking ability and personal character.

If one of these conditions is not met, the student participates in the ILC Center's support program. In particular, the support program will run in parallel with the classroom program so it will not take more time


With the Homestay program, you will live with a typical American family. The host family will help international students a safe and friendly place to live and live while studying. Saint Anthony’s respects the habits and culture of international students, and so will the selected host families.

With the advantages and outstanding advantages mentioned above, students can be completely assured when choosing Saint Anthony's as a destination for their dream of studying abroad as well as an open future in universities. learn American reputation.


* Bursary and Scholarships value

Bursary value from 30-40% tuition
Scholarships from $ 1,000 - $ 3,000 (equivalent to 10-30% tuition)
* To receive the Bursury and Scholarship you only need:

Through the school interview
GPA: 8.0 / 80% (Particularly in Mathematics and Science subject must be 8.0 / 80% or more)

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