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Located near shopping centers, famous banks in Adelaide, South Australia and one of the safest learning environments in Australia, Eynesbury College was founded in 1989 - a prestigious school in Australia with A team of experienced teachers in the development and delivery of programs specifically designed for international students, which is a college preparatory school where students actively study towards their enrollment goals. University.


Eynesbury offers diverse and flexible study programs. Eynesbury's system includes: Eynesbury College, Eynesbury College of English Literature and Education (ECAE) and Eynesbury Institute of Technology and Business (EIBT). Eynesbury wants to help every student achieve success and help them realize their true abilities.

The University also provides a full range of support services including academic and career counseling, accommodation for international students. Eynesbury staff encourages, teaches and teaches students individually and provides the support most international students need when living away from home. The University is committed to ensuring a diverse and flexible approach to high quality education and interconnection options.


* English program:

General English course: There are many courses from beginner to advanced to help students develop their language skills
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course: Intermediate to advanced keywords
Mixed Program Course
** High School Program:

Grade 10 (SACE Preparation): The subjects of the Grade 10 program have been selected to prepare students to meet the requirements of SACE, Stage 1 (Grade 11) and Stage 2 SACE (Grade 12) .
Grade 11 (SACE phase 1): a one-year program (2 semesters) including 6 subjects (Fine Arts, Humanities, Social-Culture, Mathematics, Science and Technology) in which English is given The language is considered second.
Year 12 (SACE phase 2): Students will study 5 subjects, each of which will be studied in 2 semesters, including at least one subject in the group (Language Rich and Quantitative / Experimental).
*** Foundation Studies Program (FSP): Standard (9 months) and Extended class (15 months): The program will help students develop English skills, research skills and critical thinking

**** Certificate IV Foundation Program (8 months): Upon completion of this program, students can study College classes at Eynesbury or major in hospitality at International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)

***** Unistart Program (34 weeks): is the foundation program for students transferring to the University of Adelaide, University of South. The first semester students will study at a partner school with Eynesbury, the second semester students will study at Eynesbury.

****** College program (8 - 12 months): Including 3 majors: Business, Information Technology and Engineering. After studying, students can transfer to 2nd year university at University of Adelaide and The University of South Australia.


Grade 10: IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 5.0
Grades 11 and 12: IELTS 5.5
Graduation average score: 7.0

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